Donate to the Freedom Club

It may surprise those who attend meetings at the Club to learn that rent paid by 12-step groups does not cover the Club’s expenses.  To make up the difference, the Freedom Club relies upon a variety of sources of other revenue, including special events, coffee sales, and donations.

Your financial support is vitally important for our carrying out our mission of providing a clean and sober meeting environment for 12 Step Groups in Marietta.  All revenue raised by the Freedom Club is used for rent, cleaning supplies, literature, and other costs of providing a clean and sober meeting environment for 12 Step Groups.  No board members receive compensation for their work; we are all volunteers and have never hired anyone to do fundraising.  100% of donations go directly to carry out the Club’s central mission.

You can conveniently donate to the Freedom Club using PayPal.  Any amount is appreciated.  The transaction is simple and secure.  The Freedom Club will not maintain any record of your financial information.

The Freedom Club is federally recognized tax-exempt charitable organization (since June 13, 2003).  This means that your donations to the Freedom Club are tax-deductible.

If you plan on deducting your donation, make sure you print/save the receipt of donation generated by PayPal.  This receipt will indicate the name of recipient (Freedom Club, Inc.) and amount of your donation (determined by you).  You will need this receipt to deduct donations of $250 or more.

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