Interested in Starting a Meeting?

The Freedom Club offers a clean, safe and comfortable environment for 12-step recovery groups. Some of the amenities offered to groups meeting at the Freedom Club include plentiful parking on site, coffee, recovery literature, chips to mark group members’ time in recovery, men’s and women’s bathrooms, and bulletin boards for recovery-related announcements. Sodas and cold drinks are made available at low cost. The Club seeks approximately 35 people. Smoking is not allow inside the building, but there is a desiginated smoking area that is covered from the rain.

The Freedom Club has traditionally hosted meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, but welcomes other groups that apply a 12-step program to recover from addiction, such as Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Gamblers Anonymous. The Club also occasionally hosts special events for 12-step groups, such as workshops, special speaker meetings, dances and other social events.

Groups meeting at the Freedom Club contribute a modest amount per meeting to the payment of the Club’s overall rent, utilities and maintenance of the amenities offered to all groups. Most groups pay for their meeting rent by passing a basket for contributions as no dues or fees are required for membership in 12-step recovery groups. The flat fee provides substantial autonomy groups with active participation because they keep contributions in excess of their rent due. Other clubs take as much as an 80% share of a group’s basket. The Freedom Club has never asked a small group whose meeting baskets missed rent targets to leave so long as the small group served the primary purpose of recovery from addiction.

If you are interested in starting a 12-step recovery group, or moving a group from another location, please let the Freedom Club Board know by submitting your information online or by visiting the Club and speaking to a Board Member.  Ideally, you would want to have a committed group of recovering addicts to regularly attend and chair meetings. Experience shows a group’s commitment to recovery will attract newcomers and serve a great benefit to the community.

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